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The Best Speakers for International Men’s Day

Celebrated globally by men and women, International Men’s Day on 19th November takes a moment to recognise the achievements and contributions of men. In anticipation of this year’s celebration, we have compiled a list of some of our best male speakers that would be perfect for any International Men’s Day event.

Benny Lawrence
13 Oct 2023
Awareness Days

Tim Peake


Tim Peake is famous for spending over 100 days living on the International Space Station, where he also made history by becoming the first person to run the 2016 London Marathon from Space.

Before an exciting venture into space, Tim had a successful career in the military as a captain for the Royal Green Jackets and as a qualified pilot. However, his real dream as a space explorer came true in 2015 after undergoing rigorous training to be able to withstand the extreme and hostile conditions of space.

Tim’s unique career has led to him attending numerous speaking engagements, and his efforts have even been recognised by the Royal Family. When speaking at events, Tim brings an engaging commentary on life in space, his opinions on visiting Mars, and his insights into his military career. He uses his experiences to inspire a whole generation of adventure-seeking individuals.

Nigel Owens

Nigel Owens

Nigel Owens is best known for being the most-capped referee in world Rugby. He is also the only Rugby referee to officiate at three consecutive Heineken Cup finals.

Nigel was born and raised in Mynddcerrig, Wales and at age 16 picked up a referee whistle which began what would be a memorable and historic career. He also made history when he became the first openly gay man to referee at the highest level. This came with criticism and adversity from many individuals, which Nigel has openly spoken about since.

Despite the adversity, Nigel gained a knighthood for his commitment and record-breaking achievements as a referee. He can speak on his infamous refereeing career, and is a patron of the charity ‘Bullies Out’ that speaks for equality across the genders.

Mike Bates

Mike Bates Headshot

Mike Bates is an entrepreneur, human intelligence specialist, and covert counter-terrorism operations leader.

Mike has spent 20 years serving our country both within the Intelligence and Security fields of the Ministry of Defence and His Majesty’s Royal Marines. He was also at the front-line of the UK’s counter-terror response as he was the first officer in the history of the MOD to pass all required courses earning him the title of the modern-day James bond.

Mike’s unique background and experiences give him a different perspective on life, which have made him one of the most dynamic and sought-after public speakers to date.

Steven Bartlett


The man who does it all… Steven Bartlett! He is an entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and author. But he is best known for hosting ‘The Diary of a CEO’, the number one podcast in the UK where he takes a deep dive into the remarkable stories and experiences of the world’s most influential people.

Steven Barlett has a very interesting story himself. At one point in time, he was a university dropout who stole food from corner shops out of necessity to survive but his desire to do better for himself fed him more than any food could ever. This led him to start the Social Chain, now one of the world’s most influential social media marketing companies.

Steven has also spoken at more than 400 conferences in countries around the world and has even shared the stage with the former US president, Barack Obama making him well-equipped to speak at your next event.

Dr Alex George


Dr Alex George is a reality TV star. Through his appearance on Love Island heartthrob, he has amassed a big social media platform, which he uses to provide mental health support across the country making him one of the UK’s most inspirational mental health advocates.

This reputation was earned during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 where his younger brother committed suicide. This led him to start a mental health campaign for the UK Government to prioritise the mental health of the youth during the pandemic, which was successful and earned him the position of UK Youth Mental Health Ambassador.

40% of men in the UK have never spoken about their mental health, highlighting how hard men find it to express themselves. Dr Alex George is a leader for men to be more vulnerable as he speaks about his own experience with mental health. Through his experience he can also provide men with actionable tactics and ways of dealing with mental health issues making him a great speaker for international men’s day.

Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell Headshot

Tim Campbell is an English businessman and a recognised inclusion advocate.

Tim is best known as the winner of the first series of The Apprentice, a BBC TV reality show in which contestants competed to work for businessman Alan Sugar. He also received an MBE in 2012 for his services to Enterprise Culture and supporting the then Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Tim now spends time as a business mentor and advising a global talent acquisition business’s strategy diversity and inclusion efforts.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the business industry coupled with his ability to engage an audience with his speeches, Tim will make for an excellent speaker for international men’s day.

Mark Foster


Mark Foster is a British TV broadcaster and pundit on big swimming events like the Olympic Games and World Championships.

Before featuring on British tv, Mark was regarded as one of Britain’s greatest swimmers winning six World Championship titles, 11 European Championship titles, and two Commonwealth Games titles. In 2017, Mark told the public that he was bisexual for the first time demonstrating his bravery and courage to be vulnerable, especially in a day and age where expressing vulnerability is difficult.

Alongside these traits resides charisma and an engaging personality that is effortlessly displayed in his speeches making him another great speaker for international men’s day.

Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell Headshot

Alastair Campbell is a communicator, writer, and strategist. He is best known as a political figure who has worked closely with former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Alastair has also written seventeen books, one of them being a number 1 bestselling analysis of what it takes to win politics, business, and sport.

Alastair also does a podcast with his daughter and has become one of the presenters for ITV’s Good Morning Britain making him more than qualified to talk at your next event.

At Evolve, we’re proud to host a diverse array of inspiring male speakers whose individual and captivating life experiences have left audiences around the globe inspired and captivated. Whether your interest lies in sporting icons, environmental experts, or anything in between, our selection of male motivational speakers will match your needs perfectly. To find out more about our range of speakers, get in touch with the team at Evolve today.

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