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With the declining condition of our planet on everyone's mind, environmental speakers have never been more in demand. Businesses are facing the continued pressure of their impact on the environment, and have a duty to ensure that practices are in-line with an eco-friendly agenda. Our collection of environmental speakers offers all the insight you need to achieve an environmentally-friendly business.   When you book an environmental speaker with Evolve, you can be certain that your audience will be enraptured and inspired by a highly relevant topic. Check out some of the big names available from Evolve.

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What is an enviroment speaker?

An environmental speaker is an individual who speaks on the important environmental issues currently affecting our planet.  As we are aware, there is a need to be more environmentally conscious, and this plays a crucial part in protecting the livelihood of our planet for ourselves and future generations. Large corporations and businesses are to be at the forefront of leading this change, and therefore speakers in this field have risen in demand to help workplaces rewrite the wrongs of previous industrial revolutions.

What does an enviroment speaker talk about?

An environmental speaker talks about topics which include, but not limited to, renewable energy, decarbonisation, sustainability, taking care of the environment and climate change. They also help businesses begin to understand what the often puzzling world of environmental activism is, as change only comes with understanding what needs to be changed first.
The environmental speakers at Evolve help keep businesses in the loop and on the right side of history by allowing corporations to be self-aware of their practices, and the potentially harmful environmental impact they may be contributing towards. By booking one of our environmental speakers, you can finally leave ignorance aside and begin working towards eco-friendly business practices that will help look towards a greener future.

How much does it cost to hire an enviromental speaker?

Our environmental speakers vary in cost based on the speaker you choose for your event. However, the relationships we build with our speakers ensure that we are able to negotiate a fair price as well as handle all the logistics of your booking. If you’d like to find out more about the cost of booking one of our environmental speakers, feel free to contact a member of the Evolve team today.

How to hire an enviromental speaker for your event?

Hiring an environmental speaker for your next private or corporate could not be easier with Evolve. Simply get in touch by calling us on 0115 778 8131 or emailing us at and a member of our team will be happy to help with your enquiries. 

How we can help

Our team is ideally placed to help you find a speaker for your next big occasion. Using our extensive contact list and expertise in the industry, we will help in seeking out a star that matches your needs perfectly, ensuring that your event goes off with a bang. Talk to us today for more information.

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