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Case Studies

Harry Redknapp and Watchfinder

Iconic football manager and avid watch collector Harry Redknapp took part in a broadcast day for online retailer Watchfinder. With a recent study discovering that over £2bn worth of luxury items, including watches, could be gathering dust in UK homes, the brand wanted a celebrity spokesperson to encourage people to go treasure hunting in the hopes of finding something of value.

Harry took part in a broadcast day making appearances on some of the country’s biggest TV networks and radio stations where he outlined the campaign and its benefits.

Luxury watch retailer Watchfinder launched a campaign to get Brits searching their attics, cupboards and homes for potential goldmines and wanted a famous face to help back the movement.

A survey found that almost £2bn worth of luxury items, such as watches, could be right under the noses of British people everywhere and Watchfinder wanted to encourage people to not only find out if they owned some of these hidden treasures, but to also understand the true meaning of them.

With this in mind, Evolve partnered Watchfinder with the former Tottenham, West Ham and Southampton manager, Harry Redknapp. As well as being one of football’s most recognisable personalities, Harry is also a luxury watch collector himself – making him the perfect man for the job.

To promote the campaign, Harry took part in a broadcast day where he spoke with the likes of Sky News, TalkRadio and Times Radio. Acting as a spokesperson for the brand, he explained why people should take some time to explore their own homes to see if they could find anything of value. And, if they did, how Watchfinder was the perfect place to get them valued.


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