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Pen Hadow

Pen Hadow

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Arguably the world’s greatest modern explorer, Pen Hadow is well-known for being the only person in history to trek from Canada to the North Pole without any third-party help. Over the course of his remarkable career, Pen has explored the North and South Pole numerous times and has established himself as one of the greatest arctic adventurers in history. Now, Pen is regarded as one of the most inspiring adventure and exploring speakers on the circuit, whose anecdotes from a career in the Arctic have to be heard to be believed.

From an early age, Pen had an interest in arctic exploration, and long before he became a full-time explorer, he worked as a travel agent selling expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic.

Pen’s first significant expedition came in 2003 when, unsupported, he trekked from Canada to the North Pole – the first man to ever do so without being resupplied en route. The following year, he went to the South Pole where alongside Simon Murray and the pair trekked over 1,200km. As one of the best adventure and exploring speakers around, at all of his events Pen will leave audiences in awe of his heroic efforts and he can provide a unique insight into what it was like taking on such demanding challenges. ;

Over the years Pen has won many accolades for his exploration work, including being named “Hero of the Environment” by TIME Magazine in 2009. Recently, Pen led a new mission to the Arctic, the first-ever boat expedition without icebreakers to sail into the waters surrounding the North Geographic Pole. Here, he and his team then undertook vital research into ecosystems, wildlife and marine pollution which has proven to be invaluable in helping tackle the issue.

Pen Hadow’s stories of exploring some of the world’s most fearsome climates and treacherous terrains can inspire audiences everywhere. The resilience, determination and ability to overcome all kinds of adversity are not only admirable traits, but also emphatic life lessons that can be applied to anyone’s life or career. To book Pen for your next event, contact Evolve today.

Topics and Themes

  • Conservation
  • Motivational
  • Environment
  • North Pole
  • Exploration

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