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Polly Williamson 

Polly Williamson 

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Who is Polly Williamson?

Polly Williamson is a European Equestrian gold medallist and inspirational speaker.

What are Polly Williamson’s main achievements?

Formerly a six-times European Gold Medallist at Eventing, Polly’s life took a profound turn following a traumatic brain injury.

In her first life, Polly achieved extraordinary success as a gold medallist in Eventing and her passion and prowess in the saddle propelled her to the pinnacle of her field.

In her second life, Polly’s main achievement lies in her triumphant journey back from a traumatic brain injury. Polly had to relearn essential motor functions and has since emerged stronger than ever.

What is Polly Williamson best known for?

Polly is best known for her two distinct chapters in life that she refers to as dual lives. Her book Where Did I Go? has become a poignant exploration of her journey back to a new normal, and she regularly delivers keynotes to provide invaluable insights into triumph over adversity.

How to book Polly Williamson for your next event?

Polly’s inspiring story and unique life perspective will be an enlightening event for your audience. Her journey will inspire and help individuals overcome their own challenges with determination and a positive mindset.

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Topics and Themes

  • Determination
  • Olympics
  • Mental Health
  • Resilience
  • Motivation

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