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The Magnificent 7: Our Top Adventurers

As the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer, many of us are making the most of the fresh air and spending more time outdoors. Be it hiking, playing sport or simply relaxing outside, the feel of nature and the great outdoors has got us reflecting on some of our greatest outdoors adventurers.

Benny Lawrence
24 May 2023
Top Speakers

From climbing the highest mountain in the world, to rowing and sailing across oceans and even running a marathon from space, our adventurer speakers have some of the most unique and captivating tales to tell. We’ve put together a selection of these speakers who have all broken records in the world of exploration. Have a read and get into the spirit of the outdoors this summer. For more information on how to book one of these inspirational speakers to share their unique experiences exploring nature, email us on today. We’re happy to help! 


Mike Bates

The first officer in the history of the MOD to pass all required courses to serve at the very front line of the U.K.’s counter-terror response AND the fastest solo British person to complete the ‘The World’s Toughest Row’.

Mike Bates Headshot

Mike Bates is a human intelligence specialist, covert counter-terrorism operations leader, entrepreneur and adventurer.

Mike spent 20 years serving his country, firstly in His Majesty’s Royal Marines and secondly, in the Intelligence and Security fields of the Ministry of Defence. Following his time in the Marines, he became the first officer in the history of the MOD to pass all of the required courses to serve at the very front line of the U.K.’s counter-terror response. Mike’s operational and leadership experience have seen him take on missions in the mountains of Afghanistan and Iraq; the U.K.; and alone in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Following his departure from the MOD, in 2023, Mike became the fastest solo British person to complete the ‘The World’s Toughest Row’. He did this in a little over 46 days. Mike’s efforts over a three-year campaign for this challenge raised a phenomenal £175,000 for charity and inspired people all over the world.

Mike’s experiences are like no other. His tales of both his time in the military and the MOD are eye-opening and never fail to captivate an audience. This, combined with his rowing success make him one of the most sought-after motivational and adventurer speakers in the industry. 

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

The first ever person to have climbed Everest and crossed both polar ice-caps.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes Headshot

Ranulph Fiennes is an explorer, adventurer, and former lieutenant in the British Army. To this day, he is known as one of the world’s greatest-ever explorers.

Ranulph embarked on his first expedition in 1969. This led a hovercraft up Africa’s White Nile river. Following this, he continued to take on new adventures, and over the years, he’s conducted expeditions in Antarctica, Mount Everest, and Oman to name a few. In 2003, Ranulph embarked on one of his greatest challenges – The Land Rover 7X7X7 challenge. This saw him take on seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. Ranulph began in Patagonia and ended in New York. In addition to completing such a remarkable feat, his success was amplified further by the fact he suffered a heart attack just a few months before he set out. Throughout his life, Ranulph has achieved some incredible successes, not least being the first person to have ever climbed Everest and crossed both polar ice-caps.

From losing his fingers to frostbite to tackling the world’s harshest landscapes, both the hottest to the coldest, Ranulph’s tales of his expeditions can captivate any audience. 

Tim Peake

The first person in history to run the London Marathon from space.

Tim Peake Headshot

Tim Peake is a former Apache pilot and current European Space Agency Astronaut.

Throughout Tim’s career, he has experienced adventures that most will only ever dream of. Tim was a captain in the military for the Royal Green Jackets, before he went onto become a qualified pilot. He then decided to pursue his dream and try to become an astronaut and venture into space. Tim beat more than 8,000 applicants to earn one of just six places in the ESA’s astronaut training programme, and he excelled from then on. Tim spent over 100 days living on the International Space Station, and in 2016 he even ran the London Marathon from space. This saw him make history and become the first person to ever this race from space, and the second person to run any marathon in the International Space Station.

There a rare few people who can talk about what it is truly like in outer space and Tim is one of them. He can share details of his missions in the most intricate detail and leave audiences mesmerised across the globe.

Bonita Norris

The former youngest British woman to conquer the summit of Mount Everest.

Bonita Norris Headshot

Bonita Norris is one of the UK’s leading adventurers, and the former youngest person to climb Mount Everest and reach the North Pole.

Bonita made the decision to take on this adventure whilst being inspired by two mountaineers during a university lecture, as she was studying for a media arts degree. As a novice and knowing that the expedition had proved to be fatal to even the most experienced of climbers, she undertook a rigorous training regime to ensure she could handle the unforgiving elements of the mountain. Alongside this, she managed to run a number of fundraising activities to raise the £50,000 she needed to secure a place for the expedition. Her hard work paid off and in 2010, she became the youngest British woman to ever reach the summit of Everest, at just 22 years old. Since then, Bonita has embarked on a number of other adventures, including climbing five other Himalayan peaks and skiing to the North Pole. 

Bonita’s career has won her a whole host of accolades, including being named ‘Cosmopolitan Woman of the Year’, and a youth ambassador for a number of charities and educational institutions. This ultimately makes her a popular force on the speaking circuit. 

Roz Savage MBE

The first, and so far, only, woman ever to row solo across the World’s three biggest oceans – the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian.

Roz Savage Headshot

Roz Savage is a rower, writer and passionate environmental activist.

Roz Savage was a management consultant and whilst on a train journey one day, decided to change her life and pursue the career she’d always dreamed of – being an adventurer. Roz gave up her steady income and to be able to do this and it paid off as she went onto become the first, and so far, only, woman ever to row solo across the World’s three biggest oceans – the Atlantic in 2006; the Pacific in 2010; and the Indian in 2011. In addition to this, she also has four Guinness World Records and in 2003, trekked the Inca ruins and spent months travelling in Peru. As well as adventuring, Roz is also a campaigner and fundraiser for several environmental causes. This includes her joining the board of Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation, and being a Blue Ambassador for the BLUE Project. She also often promotes plastic-free causes. 

Roz is a published author of book, Stop Drifting Start Rowing, and she has written for Forbes, Huffington Post and a variety of books and articles on oceans, conservation, and adventure. In 2021, she launched the podcast Sowing the Seeds of Change, which discusses sustainability, social structures, and the future of human civilisation. This makes her not only a popular adventure and exploration speaker, but also a one for sustainability and the environment.

Annabelle Bond OBE

The fastest woman in history to complete all Seven Summits – scaling the formidable mountains in a record 360 days.

Annabelle Bond Headshot

Annabelle Bond is a renowned explorer, turned motivational speaker. 

She began her climbing career in 2001, and just three years later successfully took on the biggest mountain in the world – Everest. This saw her become the fourth British woman to ever stand on the very top of the world. Following this, in 2005, she became the fastest woman in history to complete all Seven Summits and scale the formidable mountains in a record 360 days. This made her the fastest female climber on the planet. Annabelle turned her attention from climbing to running however her passion for a challenge remained. Her running successes including racing across the deserts of Namibia and the Sahara and winning her age group during a triathlon in Thailand.

Annabelle is a remarkable example of what can be achieved when you put your mind to it. Despite changing her focus from climbing to running, she continued to excel and prove to be equally as successful in her ventures. Her driven mindset is a popular topic on the speaking circuit and she can discuss how she managed to achieve such heights. 

Dee Cafari MBE

The first woman ever to single-handedly sail the ‘wrong way around the world’

Dee Caffari Headshot

Dee Caffari is the first woman to single-handedly sail non-stop around the world ‘the wrong way’.

Dee had her first taste of the expedition world when she took on the Global Challenge Round the World Yacht Race in 2004. This is regarded as one of the toughest sailing expeditions in the world and included a fully amateur crew. Dee’s journey was far from plain-sailing and a member of her crew suffered from a severe abdominal infection while in the Southern Ocean and had to be airlifted to the closest hospital. Despite this, she continued with her love for the sport and in 2006, made history when she sailed westward around the world, against sharp winds and formidable currents, and taking on life-risking obstacles and unprecedented challenges. The expedition saw her undertake 178 days alone at sea however despite the odds, she successfully circumnavigated the trip and survived everything that mother nature threw her way. Since then, Dee has also supported charities and fundraising efforts such as Toe in the Water and Sail 4 Cancer. She is on the board of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution; is an honorary commander of the Royal Navy; and in 2021, was named a BRIT Ambassador for the BRIT 2021 Challenge – a mental health charity.

With a story like no other, Dee can discuss her expeditions in her speaking work. She can reflect on how she handled the adventure both physically against the harshest conditions, and mentally as she only had herself for support.

Here at Evolve, we work with some of the most remarkable and recognisable explorers and adventurers on the planet. If you’re looking to motivate an audience, or simply for someone with a unique and passionate story to tell, let us know and we’ll find the perfect speaker for you. Get in touch today by emailing us on  We’re more than happy to help! 

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